GradeNameProject TitlePlace
4th GradeLayla HaleImpact Craters1st place
5th GradeBryce StammlerHow much DNA is in food?1st place
6th GradeJoseph FleegerBattery power and speed1st place
7th GradeAmar GawandeServos and Sensors1st place
8th gradeJohn PownallCan Pressure Move What MountainsCan't?1st place
High SchoolDipika GawandeThey Came from DNA1st place
4th GradeJonathan Cook-HausmanComparing Traditional abd GreenDisinfectants2nd Place
5th GradeThomas SchwalenWhich wood support the mostweight? Oak or Poplar2nd Place
6th GradeMary WalkerDissolution solution2nd Place
7th GradeConnor HamiltonThe Ultimate Showdown2nd Place
8th gradeOmar ElhassanMinimizing Bacteria in theThawing of Poultry2nd Place
High SchoolChelsea McAdamsDaphnia on a Caffeine High2nd Place
4th GradeDavid HarperHow animal plant cells compare?3rd place
5th GradeNiall CreagerThe Bouyancy of FloatingCylinders3rd place
6th GradeThomas GrayFinding the best glider planestyle3rd place
7th GradeKali SalzmannMagnetic Roots3rd place
8th gradeLorna HaleLights, Camera Action3rd place
High SchoolAhmet KalkanWhich Pain Reliever Reduce Painthe Fastest?3rd place
4th GradeJordan DurhamThe effect of salt on theboiling4th place
5th GradeDevin BenfordHow the attraction of magnetvaries with temperature4th place
6th GradeBre' Alan ReeseAre fingerprints patternhereditary?4th place
7th GradeKira MetoyerFinfeather and Municipal LakeArsenic Poisoning4th place
8th gradeCody WhiteHow to Make a Dirt Bike Greener4th place
High SchoolElif KalkanBrazos County Housing SectorAnalysis4th place
4th GradeBrandon AcostaWhat makes a good AerodynamicDesign?5th place
5th GradeJennifer BaldwinThe rate of oxidation indifferent metals chemically & naturally5th place
6th GradeCharles JonesMaking a solar panel5th place
7th GradeConor YostDi-Hydrogen Oxide5th place
8th gradeAustin LivingstonWind Turbine5th place
High SchoolLorrin FreemanFingerprint Forensics5th place